USPS Package: Can I Pickup Package From USPS Before Delivery?

USPS Package: There are many people who want to know whether they can pick up their package from USPS before their delivery date. The answer to this question is YES! If you have shipped a package via USPS then you can also pick it up from the USPS even before its expected delivery date. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before picking up a package early from the USPS.

In the meantime, you also need to inform the USPS before you go ahead and start to make a pickup. Therefore, you need to have a prior notice from the USPS before you pick up your packages with the United States Postal Service. Also, there should be a valid reason for picking up the package from the USPS early before its expected delivery date.

How to Track if the Package is at the Post Office?

If you want to know if your package has reached the Post Office then you only need to do is to navigate the official site which is Once you land on the official homepage, you need to key in your USPS Tracking Number in the search bar in order to find out your package easily. Make sure, you need to avoid any dashes or spaces while entering the tracking number. After that, you need to click on the check status after that you will see the status of your package quite conveniently.

By following these steps, you can easily get to know whether your package is currently present at the Post Office or not. In addition to that, you will also get the mail which reads as Arrival at Unit. This simply means that your package has arrived at your local Post Office and now your package has been scheduled for delivery.

If in case your package has arrived before 9:30 AM at the Post Office, then, in that case, it is going to be delivered to you on the same day. On the other hand, if the package arrives at the Post Office after 9:30 AM then your package is highly expected to be delivered to you on the very next business day.

USPS Package

Why Does the USPS Offer Package ‘Available for Pickup’ Option?

The feature “available for pickup” by USPS means that your package has arrived at the local post office, however, the post office will not deliver the package to you. On the other hand, instead of a USPS representative, you are the one who has to pick up the package by yourself. This option is quite useful for two different reasons:

Reason 1: Failed Delivery

The first reason to select the “available for pickup” option is failed delivery. It can happen if there’s incorrect address has been provided, and there’s no safe spot available to keep the package. Or it can also happen when no one is available to receive the package for delivery.

In addition to that, if the driver’s delivering your package come across a blocked road that accesses your home or if in case you have paid the wrong shipping amount, then the option of “available for pickup” opens up where you can go and visit the post office to get your package by yourself.

Also, when any kind of situation arises which leads to a failed delivery, then the USPS provides a slip stating the exact cause due to which they were not able to make the successful delivery at your address. Additionally, the slip will also include the name of the post office where the parcel is going to be available.

Reason 2: Non-Attempt to Deliver

In this kind of situation, usually, the delivery person missed picking up your package in the morning and then you may get this option of “available for pickup.” Also, in such cases, you will not receive a delivery slip as there are tons of mail to gather and transport every single day and the driver did not make the attempt to make the delivery.

In the meantime, you can simply launch a complaint with the USPS, and they are going to run it for one more delivery run. As this may take weeks to reach the package to you, it is advised to the customers to go and pick up their packages by themselves.

How to Pick Up a Package from USPS Before Delivery?

You can do the following things to pick up a package from USPS before delivery:

  1. Package Hold

One of the best and easiest ways to make sure that you can pick up your package at the post office is by requesting that it be held there specifically. It is usually referred to as a ‘package hold’ or a ‘USPS hold request’ and it is a very simple process. All you need to do is to fill out the online form by visiting USPS’ official website. Enter all the required details regarding your package and your plans when picking up the package from the post office. If you proceed to pick this service, then USPS is going to inform you of the updates on your registered mobile number or email address.

  1. Package Intercept

In this option, you can reroute your package to a new different address or even to a different city. However, the Package Intercept option is only available for most domestic packages. You can also pick up your package at whatever post office is nearby your location. Meanwhile, it is an expensive process that can cost you over $15 at the time of writing.

  1. Visit the Post Office Early

Third and the last option is that you simply show up at the post office early. Make sure to reach the post office early just after it has opened for service as you need to retrieve your package before it’s been loaded into the USPS mail trucks. If the package is still there at the post office, you will surely get that in advance.

Final Words

There are a number of programs and services of the U.S. Postal Service that let you pick up your package before making the delivery at the final location. In this article, we have shared all the important details regarding picking up the packages from USPS before delivery. We hope all your queries regarding the same have been resolved. Thank you for reading!

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